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Forget the standard tourist experience. Get the insider, local expertise to help you design your dream trip.

What is inXplore?

At InXplore, we're humanising travel to create authentic and localised experiences. We connect travellers with local & destination based travel experts, enabling trips to be arranged whenever and wherever with complete ease.

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Why work with inXplore?
  • Secured Transaction

    Keep your payments safe and secure with our inXplore Escrow System.

  • Customised Travel

    Compare and customize your travel itinerary plans.

  • Vetted Travel Experts

    Browse through Travel Agent profiles and reviews.

How inXplore works?
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  • Send travel request

    Simply choose a package or send a request with your travel criteria, which is then received by Travel Specialists operating in your local area or around the world.

  • Compare & customise quote

    The experts compete among themselves to provide you with the best experience and price, where you can compare & customise your favourite quote.

  • Book & Pay

    Pick the best quote, book the holiday & pay online or offline with many flexible options to choose from.