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How inXplore Travel Request Works

InXplore is an online platform that connects Travel Professionals and Travellers through a private quotation system to bring the best, most affordable deals. Below is the workflow on how inXplore works:

  1. Post a Travel Request
    1. A Traveller is able to post travel requests after registration on the site.
    2. All travel requests are free to post

  2. Quote a Travel Request
    1. Travel Agents can find different travel requests on the main page and start quoting to join the travel request by the “Quote” button.
    2. Travellers can also invite Travel Agents first via their profiles as well. The Travel Agents can take a look at the travel request details and decide to quote it or not.

  3. Accept a Quote
    1. Traveller will review the quote in the travel request detail page and decide to accept or ignore this quote.
    2. When Traveller chooses the most suitable Travel Agent to proceed, clicks the “Accept” button on the quote list.

  4. Open the Workspace
    1. Once a quote accepted, both Traveller and Travel Agent can open the workspace to have further discussion regarding the travel request.
    2. In this page, they can send a private message to each other and attach files as well.

  5. Complete the Travel Request
    1. Traveller will review this travel request when the Travel Agent finishes.
    2. If the Traveller is satisfied with this travel request and verified all bookings, Traveller clicks “Finish” button and writes a review for the Travel Agent.
    3. This travel request is now considered as Completed, the Travel Agent will press “Review & Complete” button to review and rate back the Traveller.
    4. If the Traveller isn’t happy with the Travel Agent’s performance after reviewing the travel request, he can hit the “Close” button to send a dispute to inXplore.